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Seems I’m on an every-other-day cadence for the blog posts. Problem is, this week I have been really struggling with sleeping. Typically I can fall asleep no problem, but lately I’ve been having problems falling asleep, AND staying asleep.

This has been going on this entire week, and I’m really hoping it ends this evening. We shall see.

Hi Mr. Timmy

I commented to Kaydee this afternoon on the way to her beach volleyball practice that I hadn’t run into a student yet. Well, no even thirty minutes after I said that, I was by the fishing pond at the park where her practice is, and I saw a familiar face!

The student was there to watch their brother’s soccer game – it was pretty fun to see a student! And of course when it rains, it pours because an hour later, I encountered a birthday party ( or rather they came through where I was, quite loudly ) and I recognized two students from a third grade class I spent a few days in back in February 😊

Tent Time

After spending most of the day as an Uber driver for my volleyballer ( she had conditioning at 8am, a camp at 11am, and beach at 4pm ) I got to spend some time in the tent with lil fudge.

She looks super thrilled eh?
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